Holiday Image Website

•July 26, 2010 • 2 Comments

New website has launched! Click and be amazed! Holiday Image! Would love to hear all your comments, critiques, suggestions, compliments (we like these most of all!).


Americasmart Atlanta: Update

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We hope you had a chance to get out to the Americasmart tradeshow this week! As blogged about last week, Holiday Pro was there with bells on! Well, maybe not bells but definitely glitter paper and bangles and baubles and oversized ornaments galore.

Holiday Pro Showroom: Americasmart

On display: a large selection of our wonderful holiday products for purchase via our catalog. Of course my favorites were there!

Holiday Pro Showroom: Oversized Green Ornaments

If you didn’t get a chance to see them in person, make sure to stop by our website or request a DVD catalog (which you can do on the website as well).

Just want to give a shout out to the Holiday Pro team: Great Show, Everyone!

Just Because…

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Okay, so we’re posting this commercial just because we love it!

Visually it’s simply stunning, conveying all that needs to be said without voice-over or text of any kind, merely the language of visualization. And the best aspect of this commercial from a marketing standpoint: every time I watch it, I want a Perrier!

The World of Inspiration

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Today’s inspiration comes from a most un-holiday of sources: the summer! Namely: Sand by Saya, a designer collection of sandals and accessories, itself inspired by New York City.

Sand by Saya: Noho Sandal

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Americasmart Atlanta

•July 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

One of the best ways for the design community to come together is at trade shows. It’s where the latest trends are presented and debated. It’s where the traditional gets revamped for a new generation. It’s where suppliers and buyers do their mating dance in anticipation of finding that perfect partnership. They are a nerve-racking, yet highly exciting, experience. There is no energy like trade show energy, full of anticipation, interest, and lots of show.

Love them or hate them, trade shows are a vital aspect of the world of design. They are a lot of work but the rewards can be astounding.

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Wishing all a happy and safe Fourth of July!