World of Inspiration

As you may know many designs are based on nature and organic forms.  Sometimes this can have mixed results when you are trying to replicate mother nature but sometimes there is a wonderful correlation between something modern and something wild. My inspiration of the moment is animals in design.  Whether it is subtle or overt, I get excited by the outcome. Here are some of my momentary faves…

Indoor Giraffe

French industrial designer Ora-Ïto's apartment featured in Interior Design magazine.

Logo by Denis Designs

Outdoor Giraffe

A Herd of Outdoor Display Giraffes

Art Nouveau Peacock Mirror

Penelope sitting on my Mac

Peacock ring (newly named Persephone)

Macy's Christmas Windows

Nagi Noda Hair designer

Logo by Denis Designs

Cardboard Reindeer

Woofers! Pun intended by Sander Mulder

Jonathan Adler - squirrel ring box

Viola! - Another mascot at Holiday Image (she may show up in future posts)


~ by Holiday Image on August 19, 2010.

One Response to “World of Inspiration”

  1. Totally want the doggie book shelf!!!

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