The World of Inspiration

Today’s inspiration comes from a most un-holiday of sources: the summer! Namely: Sand by Saya, a designer collection of sandals and accessories, itself inspired by New York City.

Sand by Saya: Noho Sandal

What our creative team loves about these wonderful sandals is their simplistic, yet dazzling presence. Sand by Saya takes a well-known item and adds just that perfect twist to make it new and exciting and very desirable.

And simplicity is so vital in design. In this day and age, when it seems that we’ve seen it all before, so many designers strive to capture an audience by over-designing, adding element after element to the point of saturation and distortion of style. Case in point: the ankle-wrapping sandals that have been seen all around the city this summer.

Ankle-Wrapping Sandal

Now I ask you: how attractive is this sandal? Even on this model’s thin legs, the sandals make her look like she has cankles! Not a look most women desire, I’m sure.

Of course, design is all subjective. Obviously many women are finding this particular sandal style hot and trendy and a must-have, but we here at Holiday Image would lay money down that in the end classic simplicity will always win out over hyperactive fad: an aesthetic we live and design by on a daily basis.

Check out Sand by Saya for more simple and wonderful designs that will get you excited about this summer’s fashions!


~ by Holiday Image on July 16, 2010.

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