Holiday Image: The Move

Holiday Image is on the move! After three very fruitful years at our location in Long Island City, NY, we are packing up our offices, our warehouse, our trees and ornaments, and all our inventory to relocate to Moonachie, NJ. We need elbow room and Jersey has that in spades!

Moonachie, NJ

Moving is never an easy task. The office and the warehouse are in a total state of disarray at the moment: shelves have been emptied into boxes and stacked along the hallway walls; drawers are being emptied and cubicle walls stripped of photos and chotskies; trucks are being loaded and our lives carted away. Very traumatic in many ways, but underlying all the turmoil and chaos is a sense of excitement.

The new space is larger and newer. The whole dynamic of the day-to-day will change just by walking through the front door of 135 W. Commercial Avenue next Monday. We’ll have all that elbow room in which to spread out and breathe. We’re a close-knit bunch but co-workers become like family very quickly and every once and a while one needs some space, an area to oneself, in which to grow. A new, larger facility will offer that and more.

And the space will not just benefit us as individuals. This move will allow Holiday Image to grow and flourish in ways it had never imagined. We will have more production space to design and create and construct. Not to mention how this will affect Holiday Pro, our growing cataglog division!

Ah, the possibilities!


~ by Holiday Image on June 24, 2010.

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