The World of Inspiration

Today in The World of Inspirtion, our design team has found inspriation in these wonderful mannequin designs.

Ribbon Sinamay Body Form

The above mannequin creation has caught the eye of Stephanie Wiesner, she of the love of the vintage age, which has been created predominantly out of Sinamay Ribbon.

Sinamay Ribbons are hand-made from natural fibers. These Eco-Friendly products are made by artisans in remote villages around the world. The delicacy of the ribbon is perfectly coupled with the muted, yet entirely fresh looking, flowers, seeming to organically sprout from the fibers of the Sinamay Ribbon, as if the dress is growing before your eyes.

It’s this freshness that has lured our designers’ inspiration, something we here at Holiday Image strive for on a daily basis: creating organic, natural, and fresh holiday decor, especially in regards to our greeneries.

And that’s what inspiration is all about!

While we’re not sure who the actual designers are for this amazingly whimsical creations, The Alriver Export Corporation appears to export them, amongst other wonderful decorative items.


~ by Holiday Image on June 22, 2010.

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