About the Banner: Time Warner Center

Just a quick note about our banner photo.

Time Warner Center: Holiday Under the Stars

One of Holiday Image’s biggest projects each year since 2006 has been the Holiday Under the Stars event at Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle here in New York City. Consisting of a dozen 14 foot, 14-pointed, 987 pound Moravian stars edged with 11,304 colored fiberoptics and 156 strobes and lit from within by 8640 technicolored LEDs, creating nearly 16.7 million distinct colors that dance to specially arranged music provided by Jazz at Lincoln Center, this production has become one of the cornerstones of the holidays in New York City.

We here at Holiday Image are proud and overjoyed to be a participant in this extravaganza year after year and feel it is the perfect representation of what is possible in the realm of holiday design.


~ by Holiday Image on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “About the Banner: Time Warner Center”

  1. Is it true that Holiday Image won the ARE design award for Best Illuminated Color Mixing in 2010?

  2. Yes, it is true, though we are loathe to toot our own horns here at Holiday Image. Accolades are great but we do what we do for the sheer joy of it!

    But thanks for tooting our horn for us, S!

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