The World of Inspiration

Design is all about inspiration. And inspiration can be found all around us, everyday, in the most unlikely of places, people and things. The World of Inspiration will be a weekly entry for the blog,  featuring the items, places, movies, music, and anything else that might be inspiring our creative team to create the exciting and magical designs for the holiday season.

This week our Senior Creative Designer, Stephanie Wiesner, has found inspiration in this fabulous bead necklace, circa the 1920s. And who can blame her!  

Bead Necklace

Made of Champagne-colored, faux pearls, in one instance they bring to mind a quiet and refined, Victorian Christmas. While others might imagine them gracing the slender neck of a Jazz-age flapper, ringing in the holidays with bathtub gin and a twirl about the speak-easy dance floor to show off her best Charlston moves.

Anyway you envision them, they are nothing but fun baubles that delight the senses, both visually and aurally (once you hear them clicking and snapping against each other to their own rhythm and beat).

Stephanie loves vintage jewelery and clothing (there’s talk of her wearing her turn-of-the-century swimming costume into work one day!), finding inspiration in the whimsy of those by-gone days. And through her designs, she seeks to bring a bit of that back into vogue, if only for the holiday season. And we can’t wait to see what inspires her next!


~ by Holiday Image on June 14, 2010.

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