Hurry up fall!!

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So over here in Jersey, it’s practically Christmas in July (at least in the warehouse) but we’re dying for fall! And since fall is right around the corner, We just CANT WAIT for boots, scarves, coats but most importantly: My birthday. Summer fashion is so overrated. This fall it looks like lace, flowers, pearls and gold are in, & this is no more prevalent than in Givenchy’s fall 2011 collection. I personally know I’ll be wearing these dresses around the office. 😉 just kidding! But we will definitely be drawing inspiration from all of these beautiful styles! Check out the hand bag in the last picture…amazing!


Staying cool at Holiday Image

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hey it’s summer!

what does that mean? we add color to our skin, we drink array of colorful frozen smoothies to stay cool and we might even through a pop of color into our wardrobes. Color is just one of those things, it packs a punch and studies show surrounding yourself in color can actually alter your mood in a positive way. [its true look it up!] Here is color we love..

We love the contrast of simple shapes with crazy colors!

Feature in Stylus Review

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Holidays at the Empire

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Installs are upon us.  The warehouse is buzzing. The production department is sleep deprived.  The cameras are rolling.  It’s crazy but its what we work for all year.

Wednesday, November 17th the cameras were filming the install of the Empire State Building.  It went smoothly and in record time.  The results were beautiful and the Wall Street Journal took note. See the full article here.

World of Inspiration

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Who would have ever thought?
From the Ancient Egyptians to Lady Gaga, cosmetics have been used to enhance the appearance of ones self. Ancient Egyptians used cosmetics to represent royalty, now one can see someone using cosmetics to cover up that little spot, impress a date, or to create a whole new look. Eye shadows range from a simple shadow to a complete new eye as seen in Lady Gaga’s photo shoot for Hello Kitty. Where the designer created a whole new eye over her eyelid, so that when her eyes were closed it gave you the illusion that her eyes were open and much larger than they appeared.

With each new season one is able to create an opportunity to experiment with new makeup and express ones self through beautiful colors and flawless finishes. This fall makeup artists will be using shades of chocolate, beige, rose, taupe and tan to structure the face and create the illusion of light and dark, these shades are meant to enhance ones look, not distract.

World of Inspiration

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As you may know many designs are based on nature and organic forms.  Sometimes this can have mixed results when you are trying to replicate mother nature but sometimes there is a wonderful correlation between something modern and something wild. My inspiration of the moment is animals in design.  Whether it is subtle or overt, I get excited by the outcome. Here are some of my momentary faves…

Indoor Giraffe

French industrial designer Ora-Ïto's apartment featured in Interior Design magazine.

Logo by Denis Designs

Outdoor Giraffe

A Herd of Outdoor Display Giraffes

Art Nouveau Peacock Mirror

Penelope sitting on my Mac

Peacock ring (newly named Persephone)

Macy's Christmas Windows

Nagi Noda Hair designer

Logo by Denis Designs

Cardboard Reindeer

Woofers! Pun intended by Sander Mulder

Jonathan Adler - squirrel ring box

Viola! - Another mascot at Holiday Image (she may show up in future posts)

World of Inspiration

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What is exciting to us this week …
But what is it?
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